Saturday, February 2, 2008

Link Love

A year after I was born, "white girls listened to Joni Mitchell."

In Ohio, David Hall subscribes to Poetry for the Prose
and fears 'that burnout looms over the horizon, that [he's] missed the moment [he's] been knocked out.' Fear not, David, the cities aren't losing their sparrows for long.

And by the way, here's another reason to love Phil Gerard--truthfulness.

Last Thursday I was in heaven. Someone at A Mic and Dim Lights (in high school!) made 80 people's hearts stand up and riot.

If you're looking to make someone else do the same, Check out the Poetry Super Highway's Great Poetry Exchange. Nothin' like getting a free book in the mail--and knowing someone may actually be reading yours!


Temporary Home

This blogsite is our temporary home while our website undergoes an extreme makeover of epic proportions (shifted septums, pacemakers, calf implants, dialysis, a fancy wig, contacts -- the works).

This was our old home, and while it is a bit dated, it's a good source of info regarding recent issues and the history of Prism Review.

Updates will follow regarding our new home. ETA summer 2009.