Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Official Website

Our new website is here -- we have a non-blog home again! (Though we've been happy to have the blog home, and we may keep updating it from time to time.)

All information about submissions, getting issues, and upcoming contests are on our new homepage, and we hope to add a few more features to make it even snazzier. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Issue Eleven Out Now!

Featuring interviews with poet Neil Aitken (The Lost Country of Sight), author Jane Austen (Northhanger Abbey), reviews of contemporary fiction and poetry, and of course a sterling collection of intelligent, pee-your-pants funny, and dab-at-your-eyes-moving stories and poems from both first-time and well-established writers of national and international backgrounds, including Fred Skolnik, Lenore Wilson, Dave Barrett, Jorge Sanchez, Lisa Markowitz, and many others.

From the Austen interview:

PR: What are your feelings on matrimony? Do you believe marriage is more about security or insecurity?

JANE AUSTEN: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that single women have a dreadful propensity for being poor, which is one very strong argument in favor of matrimony. Despite this, I continue to remain single and I do believe that union is more about insecurity. I feel that people turn to marriage as some sort of salvation from the drub and rut. And too I am quite sad about the state of marriage these days, particularly the divorce rate. I think it is caused by all the distractions you have, computers, television, games. This world seems to have lost all its romance, I mean when was the last time any of you received a love letter carefully written in calligraphy with a quill pin? When was the last time you stared longingly out the window? A girl did this, you know. For years and years before marriage. That is a great investment one does not let go of so easily. Much more than, say, a night in Vegas. Two weeks of love. These things are passing fancies, not bone deep, not marrow.

Order now! $8 plus $2 shipping; if ordering multiple copies, shipping drops. Just email us at prismreview (at) ulv (dot) com or send a check payable to Prism Review at our address listed to the right.

And keep the submissions coming!

Temporary Home

This blogsite is our temporary home while our website undergoes an extreme makeover of epic proportions (shifted septums, pacemakers, calf implants, dialysis, a fancy wig, contacts -- the works).

This was our old home, and while it is a bit dated, it's a good source of info regarding recent issues and the history of Prism Review.

Updates will follow regarding our new home. ETA summer 2009.