Monday, January 28, 2008

Reviewing the Kenyon Review

I also read through the Fall 2007 issue of the Kenyon Review. And I've never looked at it before either but I loved it. It was awesome. I'd give it 4 **** out of 5 stars. Here's why:

The Kenyon Review is intended for a variety of readers. Writers from differing styles would all find this journal an enjoyable read. The Kenyon would satisfy both the poet and the screenwriter, but is definitely aimed at readers experienced in multiple writing styles.

This publication is put together by professionals from an assortment of backgrounds. It is reflected in the countless topics and tones taken throughout the pieces within the Kenyon. Most readers would feel at once comfortable with the Kenyon because of its broad range in topics and delivery.

Fiction and poetry abound throughout the publication, while non fiction is on the back burner. It is present but the majority of pieces are more imaginative works, such as Anne Panning’s piece “All You Can Eat.” Because of the many options presented for submission, almost nothing is off limits for the Kenyon. Creative pieces from every genre are accepted for publication. The line is only drawn at unsolicited material. The writers are free to write in any style they choose.

As mentioned, most material is accepted. This goes to show the Kenyon as a broad-minded, fairly liberal publication. Free expression runs consistently throughout it, giving readers the sense that a mixture of ideas, opinions and personalities went into its development. There is an assortment in the writers, and this garners attention from an equal assortment of readers.

Because of this difference in materials, the Kenyon is given some leeway in the styles of advertisements and announcements throughout. The layout is fresh, but stable. Not over the top but artsy enough that it catches the eye and draws the reader in to the work or text.

As a writer I would definitely consider submitting my own work the Kenyon. I would feel excited if it was published and comfortable if it was not. The mixture of categories would provide me with ample ideas for a submission or would encourage me to try again.

If Prism Review chose to incorporate aspects of the Kenyon into its publication, the consistent artistry would be an addition to consider. Although Prism may not be able to keep up with the constant flow in the Kenyon, it could integrate a few low key, yet noticeable changes in the font, pictures or styling.

It seems as if the Kenyon included the phrase “for all writers” in its mission statement. The publication prints works that every reader would like and every writer feel excitement or inspiration from. The Kenyon is a witty, innovative way to present the creative writing minds of today.


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