Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Arboretum... and Peacocks

Across the street from the mall. That alone says a lot about LA. Now throw in some peacocks, ready to snatch food out of your hand. Priceless eh?

Actually its about $5. And completely worth it too. Peacocks everywhere, exotic flowers, imposing trees, snapping turtles, and track suited soccer moms pushing strollers, only stopping to pick fruit from the trees.

Yeah, thats right. A soccer mom, in a visor and green track suit, having left her child in an ugly hat and stroller by the side of the walkway, jogged over to the orange trees and picked fruit. Tumbling it all into the basket under the stroller, she laughed as I passed by. Looked to me like she had the money to pay for oranges, but whatever. I prayed a peacock would come by and scare the little kid in the stroller. Thought it'd be funny after the peacock scared me.

Eating my tacos on a bench before walking in to buy my ticket and the giant blue bird just walks right up to me. Watches me pour salsa, spill guacamole and sip my Sprite. When I dropped a bean, it was quick. A streak of iridescent blue and the bean was gone. Same thing when I accidentally dropped some rice. And when I purposefully spilled some salsa, hot salsa too. I wanted to see the bird implode.

Unfortunately the bird didn't. But my kind gestures of food dropping brought over more birds. And when I finally went inside the Arboretum, word had spread and they followed me wherever I walked. Feathers out and flared, eyes large and nervous. And I'm just talking about my reaction. The bird were something different altogether.

There's a little adobe house, a cottage and a barn all on the property. And the peacocks together own it all. They wander through the buildings, orchards, trees and near a giant pond like they own the whole world, if not just the Arboretum. They came running from all directions when I stood by the pond looking down at a fish. They assumed I had food and would soon drop it into the water. Nope.

They don't climb steps though. Found that out after one chased me and I ran up a few stairs towards an awesome waterfall. It only dawned on me afterwards that standing at the top of the waterfall blowing raspberries at a bird made me look just as pointless as the rich Pasadena mom in the track suit.

Visited the different sections of the place, each with a theme. The Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. The plant life is supposed to represent the area but I was too distracted from everything by the peacocks, jumping, screaming and running like prehistoric monsters. When they scream its like a small child's too. Talk about weird.

Forgot my camera as usual but having a giant peacock stare me in the face and peck at my leg is something I definitely won't soon forget. Plan on going back anyways. I mean I made friends, I might as well.

Definitely recommend taking a pen and paper when you go. If you don't feel inspired to write by all the random flowers, trees, buildings and birds, then you'll definitely want to try and draw a herd of peacocks sweeping and staggering across not a giant field, but a parking lot and outdoor cafe.

Tons of sweet programs every month too. Check it out when you can-

By the way guys, let me know if you this strikes you as interesting since I plan on writing a short piece about my experience at the Arboretum. I'd like any advice I could get, thanks.


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