Saturday, December 1, 2007

I wish I had written that...

Of all types of writing there is in this world, poetry is my favorite. I love it. There is nothing like reading something that carries you away with it’s rhythm and connects with you on a very intimate level. I mean, don’t you just love it when you can read a poem and it is so beautiful that you say, “I wish I was the one to write that.” Poetry can be so inspiring. Just as the poem “A Greater Love of God and Country” written by Nikki Giovanni is inspiring. I love this poem for two reasons. One, because it is real. It is truthful in the purest sense. It means something. It gives away the cover of those who hate and offers encouragement to those who forgive. Two, it is simply beautiful. There is a music in this poem that some people pay hundreds of dollars in ticket money to go and hear. The words are precise. The lines are compelling. This poem is driven in such a way to make me say, “I wish I had written this poem.” To Nikki Giovanni, I offer love and gratitude. Had it not been for works like hers, I wouldn’t be the inspired writer that I am today. Check her out


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