Friday, November 30, 2007

The Paperless Funnies…and Not so Funnies: Funny Fantasies Part 1.

I warn you all that this is my favorite genre on the web. These are the comics that I would spend hours reading through the archives to get to the end so I my go fan girl on you. I will however do my best to remain in control. Now last week I mentioned Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire.
This was my first fantasy web-comic, and I am glad that it was. I really don’t expect anything I am about to say will do justice to Mookie’s work but I’ll give it a shot. Follow the adventures of the world’s greatest oracle as he takes on evil on earth, the mindscape, or in hell with merely his wits and a little magic! That is my spiffy over the top recommendation but really Dominic Deegan has all you could want in a Fantasy Comic from consistent humor, great story arcs, fun characters, to the fact it updates daily! Now I am not saying it is never serious some of the topics or events can be violent and/or adult. But it is still a cool comic.
My next pick is a comic that had a bit rough and sketchy start, sorry puns can linger after reading Dominic Deegan, but it has evolved into not only a strong humorous tale but a beautiful written and drawn one as well.

The comic is Lint, the tale of Sangwine a deposed prince, his compatriots, and his quest to reclaim his kingdom, a path with the obstacles that are extremely absurd as are some of the solutions. Now other than the great art and the entangling story line, the greatest thing about Lint is that the author is now publishing a prologue novel at
Now if you are not into that kind of Fairy Tale quest, you might want to take a gander at Darken. This group of adventurers couldn’t be further away from those found in a Disney movie. Sent to recover the Devil’s artifacts in a D&D* based world Gort and his merry minions(don’t they look merry), must defeat numerous enemies including angels, undead, and the worst enemy of all…each other.
I think I'll leave you guys to waste a few hours with those three for now. I'll have more great Funny Fantasy comics to steal away the hours of your life next week.
But Hey here is a preview.


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