Monday, February 18, 2008

Write With Death in Your Pocket

Greetings, Prism Review! I hail from slushy Massachusetts and am thoroughly excited about joining the blog. Here it goes.
Lately, I've noticed something: it's much easier to bring myself to write on busy schooldays than on the weekends. One would think that more time equals more writing, but come Saturday morning, watching ice melt is downright fascinating compared to dragging myself to meet the blaring white face of my computer screen.
So I pinned this little line on my beloved bulletin board: "Write with death in your pocket." I figured the reason I can write when I'm busy is that the night is so obviously fast-approaching. An empty schedule makes the day seem eternal, so I lose the urgency to write. Therefore, since each night is a "miniature death," I guess, remembering the fragility of life makes me use my time more wisely. 
This may hang a perfectly The Iceman Cometh pall over your day, or week, for that matter, but that's truly not my intent. I might be twisted by being comfortable meditating on death, but I honestly think it's helping me to write, so I thought I'd share it. Maybe another visual would be more helpful for some. . . Something like an angry pirate who'll kick you with his wooden leg if you don't write. Sure. "Black-beard wants a sonnet."


Kirsten said...

What a great blog, julia! Welcome aboard!

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