Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cassie & Noor's First Blog Ever!

Well, since we are so amazing we would like to take this golden opportunity to write about ourselves. Matt Izaguirre thinks we talk far too much, but that is only because we have deep souls and we enjoy expressing ourselves to the world. Not to sound conceited or anything, but I mean come on...we are freakin amazing. We're positive you will never meet anyone cooler than us. Noor is a ray of positive energy and Cassie is no stranger to a great laugh and a fun-filled day. We both enjoy long walks on the beach and Turkey Sandwiches from Warehouse Pizza located in downtown La Verne. Unfortunately, a side of ranch is an extra charge at 0.25 cents (money that we just don't have laying around!), but we make that splurge anyways. Warehouse Pizza has brought us together, and was even the site of where our hit poem "Ogden at ULV" was written, and later performed at Mic and Dim Lights, which is held every Thursday night at 10pm in downtown Pomona on 2nd street. (
It often shocks us at how creative and inspiring we can be when we work together, and one day we plan on writing a book, also together. It will be the next Chicken Soup for the Soul....except better of course.
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Reverend Matt Izaguirre said...

Shameless self-promotion at its best.

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