Friday, December 14, 2007

The Paperless Funnies…and Not so Funnies: Funny Fantasies Part 2.

Since I gave you all a sneak preview of this comic two weeks ago, I have to start off with True Magic.

An exciting adventure fantasy featuring the likes of characters such as Expendable Joe and Disposable Bob! Of course although these two are really important, this tale is that of these guys and their quest, which they’ve lost sight of, but hey their enemies haven’t. So sit back and wait to see if they ever succeed.
My next pick is called Fey Winds. and yeah these people are also on a quest, but at least this time we know what it is! Anyway this particular story is about Larina an elf who’s sometimes possessed, Nigel a cursed warrior, and Kit a fox with a species problem as they search for the lost artifacts of Slyphe. But they are somewhat hindered by strange events, their personalities, new friends, and the random Elven tea-party. So if you are looking for a less confusing series of events than those of True Magic, Fey Winds… kind of counts.

The last suggestion today is kind of a cheat. It is the collaborative work of several of the authors and artists I have already mentioned but hey that just means you know it’s good. This “Dubious Experiment in Storytelling” is called Golden. Golden is one story as told by several different people including Aja of True Magic, Komiyan of Darken, Purcell of Lint! With these and several other lunatics this tale of three brothers out to retrieve their father’s golden fruit is not simply entertaining but downright addictive.*
For more addictive and humorous fantasy comics log on next week for Part 3 of our ongoing series.
* Warning this site is prone to lack of updates but was too, cool to ignore.


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