Sunday, May 4, 2008

What leads us to unhappiness...

Stereotypes are indeed based on fact, so they prove to contain at least some truth. So one must wonder then why movies portray writers as tortured souls. Why does the phrase "starving writer" take place in common conversation? Why are writers thought of working in the back darked corners of cafes; alone in the agonized process of putting pen to paper? These stereotypes are so common that they must have originated based on fact; are writers really miserable in their work? Proseac! For the Tortured Writer’s Soul posted by Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky on The Kenyon Review, claims that studies have shown writing makes people happy. But then the equation refuses to add up; why are writers unhappy? Let us sort the fact from the falsity of this stereotype.
Emotional health can be enchanced when people take the time to write and journal; a fact supported by studies. This is because when writing on the topic of feelings, it is easy to focus on oneself and identify problems. Writing about oneself is an ego boost, as well! Watching writing take shape is like watching the performance of magic; pieces are created from the simple empty space between pen and paper, it is amazing to watch inspiration dance across a page.
Here's where this simple fact changes: Sergei says that the pleasure of writing vanishes when it becomes one's life. When someone is forced to put pen to paper and pray for miracles to occur, it can become stressful. So stressful in fact, that it is no longer enjoyable. And when a writer forces this magic act to occur on a daily basis, the magic does not always comply. Pieces cannot always be created. So when a writer depends on this magic to support their entire life, they understandably become miserable.
So this is the fact that stands after this dissection: writing can cause elation, feelings of worth, and amazement, but...not all the time. the times between great moments of inspiration are often spent in the back corners of dark cafes, alone, tormented by the pursuit of glory.


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