Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Writing A Shadowbox: Joseph Cornell and the Lyric Essaylists Review

In Harrison Canderlia Fletcher's article, he discusses lyric essays and the importance of a lyrical essay taking shape and form throughout the essay by explaining different steps a writer should take in order to create a well rounded writer.
The first common denominator to improve a writers lyrical essay is to focus on nouns. In the section of the article, the author says that by explaining objects by how we perceive it, will help associate feelings, memories and meaning. Fletcher uses a doll as an example when explaining this concept. He says that when he first sees a doll, he relates it back to his childhood. However, as he evaluates the doll in more detail, he is able to make more connections with the doll. This relates to the lyrical essay because it is important to suggest more than what is really there. By giving intense meaning and evaluation to objects, it lures the reader in more.
Fletcher continues by saying that we should put information together that implies compound meaning. I really thought that this paragraph was interesting because I liked how he used outlines and examples from other texts. Harrison uses two entirely different objects and explains their purpose. However, in the end, he is able to associate the different objects back with each other.
All in all, I felt like this was a very strong article. The examples that were presented were very interesting and made the article help me in my future writing skills. I believe that if this article was presented to a creative writing class, a lot of students would benefit from reading this article.


Megan Sebestyen said...

What a cool concept- you did a great jpb explaining this! Sounds very professional!

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