Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stage Show

Living in Los Angeles surprises me everyday. After nearly nine months here, I still wake up surprised by sounds of angry commuters causing traffic back-ups outside my window. I am surprised when I hear of horrific acts of violence on the news which have occurred in cities I pass on my commutes on the freeway. I am surprised when I meet someone and, minutes into the conversation I know every celebrity they have ever seen, but still haven't learned their name.
But LA surprises me in a positive way too: this is the place where every art is represented. As a lover of music I am thrilled by the prospects of places I could go to hear concert containing a full symphony, a hot new rock song, snazzy jazz, or even a weird new artist who thinks 45 minute techno voice alteration solos are cool. Literature lovers, too, can find places like Vromman's Indie Pasadena bookstore where well-known authors come nearly every week for book readings or signings. And, with the number of famous people living in this year, I am certain that I meet, hold doors for, spill coffee on, and cut off in traffic an artist of some venue with consistency.
Only a few nights ago I treated my ears to the sound of Slam Poetry in Pomona. Practiced poets rocked the audience with rhyme in rhythm, speaking of injustices, voicing political dissent, crying for attention all in a few spoken words. I listened to these artists work their craft in amazement. When they worked their magic on the ears of the audience, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am to be in a place where the world is a generous stage, allowing artists from every medium to perform. Do we realize LA is constantly showcasing a stage show to surprise all our senses?
It is finding which places to go and people to see which proves difficult. Too many messages announcing events bombard my senses on billboards and radio shows as I drive words of advice from friends I meet or even in forms of print as I read the paper with breakfast. It is sifting among these promotions for concerts and shows and signings that are so hard because there is so much for my eager eyes to see, so much music my ears desire!
I am young. I am hungry for adventure. I must remember that this city is new, full of surprises. When I hear about a book signing, I am surprised, suspended in disbelief that someone whose book I've read can actually appear before my eyes on a stage somewhere in LA. Seeing all these famous people performing famous songs in famous venues is like this ever-evolving magic show. My favorite artist has a gallery opening in Pasadena and disappears, only to be followed by an appearance of my favorite band at the Glass House in Pomona. I need only sit back and watch the show, ready to be surprised.


Kirsten said...

What a great post! There should definitely be a 'go to' website for LA Lit Events!

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