Sunday, April 20, 2008


My apologies, I've been sick.

I always hear about people "watching television religiously". Shows like Grey's Anatomy, House, Sex in the City, and American Idol are usually the ones that people care the most about. I actually enjoy House. The man has a gameboy and hates his own patients. What's not to love?

Over the last few years however, there seems to have been a growing emphasis on shitty television. Mainly those that require no talent to get them started.

I blame Survivor.

No need for a writer there, nor actors to fulfill the roles. What is it that people love about these shows that are devoid of any real merit or creativity? I've never been able to figure it out. Reality Television takes away what makes Television, and and Entertainment as well, so special in many ways; it's escape from reality. The greatest writers of our time are just that, people who write. People who can craft an elegant story that draws people into a new world and will leave them with memories for a lifetime. Memories that will inspire those young watchers to want to write their own stories and their own visions of things. That inspiration is gone without that first kick in the nads (HOIGHT) of inspiration that creativity gives young ones.

I hate television.


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