Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break


Is it strange to anybody else that we've got a lone, seemingly ambiguous week off in the middle of March? For one reason or another, we college students are allowed an entire week of sloth and debauchery without any consequences. Not ready to get hammered for being the nail sticking out of the wood, I welcome this week away from school as a much needed break from life, along with the perfect time for me to catch up on my neglected Prism Review work.

Ah, neglect, something that we all do to some extent. Without you we'd all be too encompassed in things to not care about that which is most important. My personal favorite is neglecting chores. Somebody, somewhere will fulfill that job, and quite frankly, I think the reason we have a vertical cat dish is so that they can feed themselves, Mother.

Getting back to Spring Break, after I get around to finishing up all of that Prism Stuff (time cards, editing the master, editing my own submission, probably something else I forgot), I plan on doing the same thing I do every break; jack shit. I'll probably end up sleeping until the crack of noon and watching my pirated Disney movies. I've already managed to kick off the week with The Aristocats and I plan on singing along with The Jungle Book sometime within the next 19h32m. Well, it's been about 24 hours since I've last eaten so I think it's time for me to start enjoying my break, just as you should.



Temporary Home

This blogsite is our temporary home while our website undergoes an extreme makeover of epic proportions (shifted septums, pacemakers, calf implants, dialysis, a fancy wig, contacts -- the works).

This was our old home, and while it is a bit dated, it's a good source of info regarding recent issues and the history of Prism Review.

Updates will follow regarding our new home. ETA summer 2009.