Saturday, March 1, 2008

Parking Tickets Hit An All Time High

Last Wednesday at 11:30 AM, Noor Wahba arrived at school for class and parked in the designated three hour parking lot. She enjoyed her two morning classes, philosophy and anthropology until she realized her three hours were almost up. When she arrived back at her car at 2:30, the parking patrol was writing her a ticket. However, because Noor was able to show off her dazzling good looks right in the nick of time, the parking patrol ranger put his pen and ticket booklet away. 
"Oh sorry! I was just about to move my car," she explained. 
"Oh, this is your car," he questioned, playing dumb. 
When he raised his head and noticed Noor's locks of chestnut colored hair, time stood still. Noor and her new found love, Andy Fuientes, have been hopelessly devoted to one another since.
In all honesty, students seem to struggle with remembering to move their car. The hectic school day is very draining causing students to forget to keep track of the "3 hour" parking limit. We suggest parking officials are either more lenient with the time, reduce the fine, or increase the parking time on the main parking streets at the University of La Verne. Doing so will reduce stress and allow students to focus more on their classes. 
Peace, Love, and Lipgloss,
  Cassie Hobbs and Noor Wahba!


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