Saturday, March 8, 2008

Never Say Never

Noor and I were going to write a deep thoughtful blog but we decided to wait until we were overly stressed out so our readers could truly appreciate our angry thoughts. Here is yet another happy blog.
People often wonder why Noor and I are best friends.
Is it because we are both loud and annoying? Is it because we are cooler than anyone at ULV? Whatever the reason, the time we spend together is nothing but an adventure.
This last Wednesday, I had a break before my CORE 300 class. After going to the thrift store and printing out homework, I STILL  had a couple of hours before my class. So, naturally, I called my best friend. 
Noor and I met in Claremont by Jamba Juice. 
I quickly realized I was hungry. 
Although sushi may seem like a gross delicacy, I could eat crunch rolls everyday for the rest of my life and be satisfied. Anyway, there was a little sushi restaurant so we went in. Noor, in a freaked frenzy, swore she would never try the "disgusting" food. So, I socked her in the boob and while she cried, I shoved the spicy tempura roll down her throat. 
Needless to say, Noor shouldn't have said she would never try sushi. Had she just tried it rather than argue with me, her boob wouldn't be sore. Either way though, she now knows that sushi is the best food ever created by man kind.
Sure best friends are supposed to be there in a time of need. They are supposed to make you laugh and sometimes make you cry. They are supposed to tell you when you're being a big fat whore. And they're supposed to tell you what to wear on a date. But they are also supposed to help you grow as a person and become more well rounded. I think we can all agree when I announce that I have helped Noor become more well rounded when it comes to food. 
Without food, you'll die. 

The end.

-Cassie Hobbs and Noor Wahba


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