Friday, March 21, 2008


It came to me yesterday evening when I got out of the shower.

Is there anything more rugged and manly than a face full of hair? I consulted my handy-dandy manly handbook but found nothing. There's nothing like strutting your way into the classroom on the first day of high school with a full goatee. Nothing compares to the look on your friends' faces when they see you at Rite-Aid purchasing a can of Gillette when you're twelve (except maybe a box of Trojans, but that's another story entirely).

That's when I was struck with a quandary; is it manlier to have a beard or to shave it? On one hand, you're letting the natural rugged and savageness of the beard speak for itself, but on the other hand, you're putting a razer-sharp blade against your face. And you'll bleed. In today's society where the line between masculine and feminine is greatly distorted and blurred to the point where the concept of "man" and "woman" have become fused into a frankenstein of sexuality, it's sometimes hard to figure out what's going to make you look manlier and what's going to make you look like you care about things. Luckily, I don't have this problem.

This brings me to my next completely off-the-cuff topic of "Writer's Block". What the hell is it that causes somebody to have an idea that completely aborts itself like so many teenage girls with coat-hangers in the back of an alley? Pardon the example, but what exactly causes my mind to blank so easily? I blame the years of abuse my brain has suffered due to video games and Internet pornography. So often I'll have an idea that I can sew into an amazing little piece that I can talk about for ages, but every so often something comes along and decides to halt my progress. In fact, I've been writing this entry for about two hours now.

Spring Break comes to a close, and Easter Sunday is soon among us. Let us go and color eggs in hopes that a giant over-sized bunny leaves us candy rather than try to fornicate with our electrical sockets while we sleep.


Nathan Dietmeier said...

I think the best way to cure writers block is to read, read a lot. I also believe, although very tempting, porn and video games will not cure the block. Interesting post.

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