Friday, November 16, 2007

The Paperless Funnies…and Not so Funnies: Genre Updates!

Being an addictive personality, when it comes to comics, I am always looking for new titles to read. Having started this post here at Prism, I now have an excuse. However, I have a new problem, I have started finding great new comics whose genre I have already promoted. Luckily for me finding the solution was as easy as finding these great comics, so I hope everyone will enjoy Genre Updates!
I’ll start off with an angsty comedy called Unlife is Unfair. A tale about a zombie boy, the human girl he loves, and his dreams of eating her "Brrainss." It is humorous, cute, and creepy all at the same time.

On top of that I recovered on old favorite that I had lost called Weregeeks, where every full moon the geeks come out to play. So if you are into Dungeons & Dragons, L.A.R.P., or even Star Wars, they are bound to have something up your alley, which probably means you’re a Weregeek yourself.
Add to that a couple a nice Sci-fi picks. The first is Scared Pie; it mainly has to do with time/space travel, the Devil, and the three guys in charge of saving the universe. Heaven help the universe. This comic actually caught me by surprise; I started reading it because it had a ton of action, (yeah that was a pun) what I did not realize was that the storyline has been really well-planned.
Another nice action piece is Marsh Rocket. It has mobsters who rely on the Zodiac, secret agents with neat gadgets, and a mysterious briefcase that makes me think of pulp fiction. However, what I really like about Marsh Rocket is the art . Its style is very different than that of other comics, but what I enjoy more are the unique color schemes that are simply stunning (another pun). Now both Marsh Rocket and Scared Pie can get extremely violent, so I am giving my standard, “These comics are good but not for children,” spiel. But if you are an adult or your parents approve go ahead and enjoy them, I know I do.
And on that note may you enjoy my last selection. This comic is for fans of Twenty-Eight days later and its counterparts. The Zombie Hunters is a nice bloody zombie comic, if the cutesy one wasn’t enough for you.
The fact that most of these comics are gory was just a coincidence.


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