Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Right Hand Man

I have kept a journal since I was about thirteen years old. My journal has opened up to receive anything from me, ranging from my deepest secrets, to something as simple as what I had for lunch that day. Overall, it has been there for everything! Sometimes I feel a bit strange for personifying such a thing as paper bound together, but hey, that’s what works for me. Since I started writing, I have become especially careful about the type of journal I write in. I think that it should be appealing to the, sort of, position or mind set that you are in at the particular time of purchase. For example, my current journal is red with flowers on the front, in the shape of a heart. My boyfriend, at the time, bought it for me. I chose it because I was in love with every aspect of my life: God, family, the boyfriend, school, friends, writing, etcetera. My favorite place to buy a journal is the Lighthouse Christian Store in Pasadena, Ca. They carry a variety of different journals, mostly Christian based, but they still have a few that are just thematic. If you go to you can search “journal” and then the different types will show up. Other places to go are Barnes and Nobles, or Borders, or any bookstore for that matter.
I think that having a journal has become a great tool in my progression as a poet and prose writer. It keeps my mind in the brainstorm mode. Sometimes when I get a writer’s block, I can flip through my journal and find an interesting topic to explore. Otherwise, journal writing is a great way to practice defining your unique voice. Throughout the years, my journal has been like a best friend to me. I strongly encourage all that love the written word, stop by a bookstore, grab a journal, and never stop writing.
Amber Rose Howard


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