Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Paperless Funnies…and Not so Funnies: Angst and Anger

Since last week’s blog was about the comedies, I thought that this week would be the time to look at the more serious stuff. However I must first issue a warning that these comics are rather graphic and should not be shared with children.
Now I personally do not read a lot of these comics because they can be very depressing but in order to be fair to all genres I figured I’d browse a few. So here are some of my picks.
I would designate this pick more as an angsty Goth comic called The Awakened or at least that what it seems to be when it starts off but as Chase finds out the reader will also discover that there is more to this world than meets the eye. Another comic along this same vein is After Strife, the story of two people, Gothy Stitch and Sarcastic Meagan, who, after death, have to cope with life in purgatory where they tend to get more questions than answers.
But if you’re looking for something even more serious in the line of saving one’s soul, I would highly recommend Unchained. This visually stunning Italian based comic has one of the most engaging storylines I have seen in a long time. Now Demons seeking redemption is a bit cliché, however it is what the demon Azazel must do to in order to achieve redemption that is so intriguing. For what greater punishment could God give a human hating demon like Azazel than to live as a human for 100 years? The real question is will Azazel reach redemption and what effect will it have in the physical and spiritual realms?
But what about some beings beyond redemption, for example Chase Corbeau of Crowfeathers? In this comic the story is of the events that lead up to his ultimate fate, from the rape and murder of his mother to the discovery that he is something more than human. Truth be told I find that the comic can be extremely disturbing, and yet the storyline is too good to pass up, so I honestly cannot wait to find out what happens next.
Yeah, that thing with the guy and the goat is creepy.


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