Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Candid Life of the "Not-So-Silent Bob"

I find it amusing to say that the most recent book I purchased was a book filled with literature I could find for free online. Kevin Smith is an acclaimed director of such films like Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. He is also a master at blogging. He has his own blog where he talks candidly about his daily life, film directing, and his family. Thousands read his blog updates as well as his updates to his myspace blog, because people like hearing what he has to say.

This man built a career on being “silent” as the character Silent Bob in many of the films he created. The character had the key distinction of only speaking at the most poignant times, because when he spoke you listened. Now that Kevin Smith keeps his fans up to date on the ins and outs of his life, others are listening. He has released several books of his writing including Silent Bob Speaks and his most recent book, My Boring-Ass Life. My Boring-Ass Life is a collection of his blogs from March 2005 until December 2006. Events in his life are documented in his own words including making a movie, writing new scripts, rubbing elbows with A-list stars, and his always present obsession with comic books.

All of the blogs can be found online, and I admit, I have read all or most of it online. However, I shelled out $15 to have it neatly compiled for me in a book. (Well, I did get it signed, too. As well as meeting the man.) I will tell you that buying this book allotted me the opportunity to meet someone I admire for his writing. So, sure I can always catch up with his life on his blogs, but who’s to say I don’t prefer picking up the hardcopy and saving my eyes from the strain of a computer screen? Whether it be an online media or a book, I will read what Kevin Smith has to write. Kevin Smith is a great writer for film and television, and he writes funny books.*

Adri Serrano

*Funny Books: Apparently, another term for comic books. See: Chasing Amy.


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